We are a Mt. Pleasant, MI Estate Planning Law Firm

We are a Mt. Pleasant, MI
Estate Planning Law Firm

We are a Mt. Pleasant, MI Estate Planning Law Firm

Settlement Administration for Disability or Death

If there is a plan in place and after a person is disabled or dies, someone must perform the tasks to carry out the plan. The documents do not get up and walk around. Those doing the work need advice and counsel to complete their tasks. Fortunately with planning, the fees are generally less – particularly if the plans are maintained and kept up to date. 

The vast majority of people have no plan. The assistance of a competent attorney is very important because generally those doing the work are thrown in with no education or background or may have administered someone’s affair's before and feel that this time it will be the same (which it never is).

Because we care about the lives of our clients and families, we use our experience and counseling to help families have as smooth of an experience as possible under the circumstances.

The concept of Settlement is fairly easy. Assets must be collected, bills paid, taxes paid and distribution made to those who should receive the assets.  The work comes because every bill, every tax and every asset must receive special attention. Professional assistance is very desirable. Most important, we have the experience of many years of doing settlement work and have the skill to help those grieving, the antenna to sense when we should be proactive to avoid conflict and the experience of resolving conflict – especially conflict arising in matters where there has been no planning.

Fees which may be hourly or flat, will be announced in advance prior to them being occurred.