We are a Mt. Pleasant, MI Estate Planning Law Firm

We are a Mt. Pleasant, MI
Estate Planning Law Firm

We are a Mt. Pleasant, MI Estate Planning Law Firm

Legacy Builder Program

We have learned that preservation of family stories, tangible personal property of emotional value and family history are ten times more important to children and their parents than money and property. That does not mean there is no interest in money and property, but it does mean for most families, the family legacy has priority.

We have developed easy ways to capture these stories and memories and to stimulate memory without work. Rather, we have fun ways to do this. This is our curriculum.


I Come from a People Who....
Circle of Life / Book of Life
My House
Session 2
Your Life in a Brown Paper Bag
A Picture is Worth (family picture / past and recent)
Tapping Into Your Wisdom
(My Life)
Fire and Water
Continue Circle of Life / Book of Life
Tapping Into Your Legacy Wisdom
The Lighthouse
Priceless Objects, Important Stories
Continue Circle of Life / Book of Life
Introduce Priceless Conversations opportunities

Contact us for dates and times.

Priceless Conversations Opportunities  (scheduled by appointment) Priceless conversations are an enjoyable and easy way to preserve the voice and wisdom of a person. We have about 30 conversations on many topics such as wisdom, my first house, giving, my children and many others. Each topic has a series of questions we provide in advance so you can review them to add, subtract or change them. We then have a meeting in which we ask the questions you have seen, follow up and inconspicuously record. A CD is prepared and memorializes the conversation which can be there for family and friends.