Trust and Will Litigation

​Part of the purpose of planning is to avoid litigation and the uncertainty which goes with litigation.

Unfortunately 70% of the population does not plan. The average person or family waits 19 years to update a plan in spite of changes in family, the law or their attorney’s experience. 

If plans are not implemented well, the people who are supposed to carry out the plan do not properly carryout their duties. They fail to give notice, they do not account, they self-deal, they do not invest wisely, they substitute their judgment  for the instructions written in their documents, or the documents were written by people not expert in planning and they are ambiguous. 

For these and other reasons, there can be litigation. 

We assist selected clients with these matters. We have a very good success rate. We only take a limited number of litigation matters because we want to be able to give each matter individual attention and because we want to meet the needs of our planning clients.

If you have a litigation matter, we will be happy to review it to see if we believe we can help.

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